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Deciding on getting a brand new roof for your Plano home can be a daunting task. There are several factors that you, as a homeowner, need to take into consideration before making your final decision. These include the budget for your project, whether your current roof requires a replacement or not, the length of your project, your curb appeal, etc.


911 Exteriors understand the intricacies of a roofing project and will guide you through all the different options you have under your budget and help you decide what fits best for your home’s needs. Get in touch with our experts at 911 Exteriors today to schedule your free roof inspection at once.

Residential roofing in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area has been drawing a lot of popularity nowadays, especially since the old DIY solutions are no longer workable and leave homeowners with much more stress than before.

In terms of material usage and methodology, the roofing industry has witnessed continuous growth. Also, it is pretty evident that there is a considerable need to check on various potential signs of roof replacement, and most importantly, to get to the project without any delays.

Choosing to delay your roofing repairs could lead to further damage and can even cause your roof to collapse. Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to small potential signs, which start to develop even worse over time.

Does your roof need to be replaced or repaired?

This is easily one of the most commonly faced dilemmas amongst homeowners living in Plano, TX. it is particularly challenging to separate the need for roof replacement from roof repair.

Have you ever found yourself asking if your house roof needs repair or replacement? If yes, it’s vital to understand when the repair needs to be separated from an overall replacement.

Making the correct decision for your home’s roof ensures its long-term durability and gives you peace of mind.

Furthermore, it would help if you made this decision before you hire a professional contractor. Whether it is reroofing or replacing a few shingles, there is a cost attached to everything.


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One of the most common reasons people choose to get their roof replaced instead of getting repaired is assuming that only a roof replacement project can increase the total life expectancy of their roof to over 10 to 15 years.

Nevertheless, the methodology and materials used by 911 Exteriors in Plano, Texas, will give you the same durability level from a roof repairing project as you would expect from a replacement.

No one likes to compromise on the appearance of their home as it can make up to 40 percent of the overall appeal of your home.

A patchy roofing project may leave you with the result that’s not too pleasant on the eye.

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No matter what your roof’s materials are, our professionals from 911 Exteriors can seamlessly blend in your repairs into the existing style of your roof without you being able to tell any difference.

Whether your home’s roof needs repairs or a full replacement may be a difficult decision to make; still, there are a few key warning signs that indicate if your roof needs to be replaced.

Neglecting these prominent warning signs will not only leave you with a roof that’s hard to look at but will also cost you a lot more money than is usually required.

Warning signs

Whether you are in the urgent need or have time to think about the matter, here are some warning signs that tell you that you need a roof replacement.

This information will also help you plan your next roof inspection properly.

Leaky roof

Warning signs are not necessarily found on the outside of your home’s roof. Most of the time, you will have to inspect the inside of your house to look for potential problems.

A professional search for a beam of light hitting your floor through your roof, as well as any streaks or wet stains, is a clear indication of a leaking roof that requires immediate attention. Our professional experts from 911 Exteriors can make all kinds of leaking roof repairs.

Your roof’s life

Various factors, like improper drainage or dirt, can accelerate your roofing aging and hurt its durability. For example, if your roofing system is not ventilated correctly, or worse, replaced or repaired along time ago, it negatively affects your roof’s overall durability.

Missing granules

All professional roofers in Plano, TX, believe that if your roof is losing a lot of granules, then it is breathing its last breath. It is crucial to keep a check on your rooftop to ensure that it is in its best shape, especially after an uncertain and robust occurrence like a storm.

If you notice any damages or cracks on your roof, it is better to act as early as possible rather than waiting around for your roof’s condition to get worse.

Most spills on your roofing surface

Growth of Moss on your roof surface in shady places that lack sunlight exposure is a common problem amongst homeowners, especially in moist, cool regions.

Most need to be brushed off your roof frequently because it can hold moisture against your roof’s surface, which can ultimately damage your granules and shingles present there. If not removed in time, you may face a roof replacement much earlier than required.

Damaged shingles

Most homeowners assume that damaged shingles are a sign for you to get your roof replaced. Just because you notice some damaged shingles on your roof does not mean that you should panic.

However, if you see some shaved or curled shingle tabs, then you should go for a roof replacement project at the earliest.

One of the most typical and common reasons why you may see some damage to your shingles is due to a heavy hailstorm.

All our professionals at 911 Exteriors are professionally trained to take care of any hailstorm damaged shingles on your roof.

Dark streaks

Algae streaks can look much worse than the damage they cause to your roof. However, airborne algae can cause dark streaks that harm your roof’s shingles.

You must understand the severity of the situation before you neglect it altogether. If you notice some light algae streaks on your roof, they can be easily removed using a blend of water and bleach, along with frequent spraying on your roof.

Falling debris

At times, harsh weather conditions like storms and other natural events can cause tree branches near your home to fall off, which can cause some serious damage to your roof that might need immediate attention. Too much debris in your gutter could also lead to improper functioning of your roof.

A collection of debris on your roof deck is a good reason for you to hire an expert from 911 Exteriors in Plano, TX.

Like we discussed above, potential warning signs are not necessarily significant and noticeable. You need to pay proper attention and time to figure out the level of your damage.

It is also essential to take advice from professionals before making your judgment between replacing or repairing your roof.

It is easy to find roofers in Plano, TX, but not all of them have the same level of experience and skills as professionals from 911 Exteriors have.

Before you begin preparing your regular roof maintenance, take time to explore in detail the professional portfolio of 911 Exteriors.

We have been serving Plano for decades with a team of extremely skilled and professional employees, giving all homeowners an ultimate solution for their roofing problems.

A roof replacement can help you save a lot of money in the long haul. Although this should be enough for you to consider getting a new roof, there are many other benefits that you should take into consideration as well.

Coping through adverse conditions

Even though your roof is still above your head, and it may seem like you could get a few years out of it, but you need to remember that the older it gets, the more susceptible it becomes to adverse weather conditions.

A brand-new roof will be much better equipped, and make sure that you don’t have any rain dripping on your head during a storm.

Not to mention, but all new age roofing materials are built to last longer. A new roof will give you a sense of security, knowing that it provides your house quality protection that will last long.

Better efficiency

High-end materials will make sure that the air from inside your home does not escape outside. This means that you don’t have to turn the temperature up so much.

This will help you control the temperature inside your home better and save you money on higher bills.


Your current roof is most probably not your choice. You, like many homeowners, may have fallen victim to a roofing scam.

If it is a roof you chose, it could have been a decision based purely on style or even what your budget allowed you to get 20 years ago.

Replacing your roof not only helps your house get a new and fresh look that is more desirable. It will give you something more modern and trendier. Here at 911 Exteriors, we offer you a wide range of styles that covers all tastes.

Value appreciation

Your home’s current roof is not likely to add any more value to your property. A new roof, however, is an enticing factor amongst most potential buyers.

The age of your home’s roof is something that always comes up when a buyer visits your property. You, as the homeowner, can ask for a higher price if your roof is relatively new.

A good-looking roof can also help you persuade a potential buyer into buying your house based on its appearance. A new roof can help your home stand out from the crowd and create a great first impression.

No more worries

If you have been having some recurring issues with your roofing system, a total replacement can quickly fix it for you, so you will not have to stress about them anymore.

That particular leak that needs attention after a storm will no longer be an issue for you. The peace of mind that a new roofing project gives you will leave you stress-free for decades, which makes it worth considering.

Improves curb appeal

There is nothing like a brand new, professionally laid roof to improve your property’s curb appeal and overall look. You can instantly refresh your property’s look and feel by adding some dash of modernity with new roofing.


A new roof is more likely to be resistant to various onslaught of natural elements. By resisting any damage caused by rain, wind, hail storm, and falling debris, your roofing is likely to look better for an extended period.

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When choosing the best roofing contractor in Plano, TX, most homeowners make the mistake of hiring a random professional without much prior research.

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