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Roof Leaks

One of the worst things that can result from heavy storms are roof leakages. No one wants a hole in their roofing with water trickling into their home or attic. Read on to learn more about roof leaks and how they can be repaired:

Who repairs roof leaks?roof leak repair dallas

It depends on the severity of the roof leak. In some cases, you can repair it on your own. If the damage is minor, all you’d need to do is apply caulking with a caulking gun and maybe use a hairdryer to dry the caulking in cold weather.

Generally speaking, though, most roof leaks should be repaired by professionals. They know exactly how to make repairs and make sure that the damage won’t occur again.

Plus, there’s always the chance that the damage extends past roof leakage and is more serious. In these cases, you should always rely on a professional roofing company.

What can roof leaks do to a home?

  • Cause flooding
  • Mold growth
  • Rotting of wood
  • Electrical issues
  • Ceiling collapse
  • Weaken insulation

One of the most dangerous outcomes of a leak in the roof is water getting into the electrical. This can be dangerous for a home and the wellbeing of the people living in it.

Another issue would be mold growth, which would cause the roof to rot. This could spread to the entire structure and make it collapse completely.

Additionally, with a while in your roofing, you’ll also start to notice temperature imbalances which will end up with you adjusting your home’s AC or heater to make up for it. This will lead to higher energy bills.

When do leaks typically occur?

As you’d assume, roof leaks tend to occur during heavy rains. Unfortunately, if you don’t have your roofing inspected after a hailstorm, you might have hail damage that goes unnoticed and gets worse over time. Then, when there’s a heavy rainstorm, water will begin to leak through.

That’s why it’s so important to have your roofing inspected after big storms. Additionally, the fall and spring seasons are the best times to have your roofing inspected.

Where do leaks typically occur?

Since leaks are water coming into a home through the roofing. It’s safe to say that roof leaks tend to occur on shingles that are damaged, as well as exposed flashing.

Heavy winds and hail can cause flashing to be deformed which is why leaks can occur.

Asphalt and wood roofing are the most susceptible to hail damage, and therefore, leaks. On the other hand, slate and metal roofing are generally hail resistant, so you probably wouldn’t have to worry about roof leaks.

Why do roofs leak?

Roofs can leak for several reasons, including:

  • Poor installation
  • Ruthless outdoor conditions
  • Curled, cracked, lifted, or worn shingles
  • Faded molding around the flashing
  • Spongy roof surface

It all starts with installation. You want to make sure that the roofing contractor you hire is reliable and experienced in installing your roofing material. Even the smallest mistakes in roofing installation can end up costing you a lot down the road.

How can you identify roofing leaks?hail damage

You can either climb up onto the roofing or look inside your attic for roofing leaks. If you climb up onto the roofing, make sure that you have someone holding the ladder for you and that your shoes have proper grip. When you identify shingles that are damaged or allowing leaks, make sure to mark them.

If your looking for leaks inside your attic, make sure to carry buckets with you to place under any leaks you may find. Regardless of whether you look from the inside or outside of your home, you should contact the pros at 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence  to have them repair your roofing as soon as possible.

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