Which roofing materials last the longest?

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Installing a roof is not a small investment, be it you are installing a new one or you are replacing the old one. You will want it to last as long as possible. There are many factors that contribute to the life of your roof. Out of which, some factors are out of your control, for example, the environment and the weather. Roof that is continuously exposed to extreme weather conditions will not last longer than those that are in the temperate zone. Along with that, pollution also has a major role to play in the durability of your roof. However, there are many things that can be under your control when it comes to roof longevity. These factors include design, construction, maintenance and, the material. If you have the right roof installation and upkeep, your roofing system will remain intact for longer.

So now the next question in your mind is probably: which roofing materials will last the longest?which roofing materials last the longest

Let’s discuss here about the different types of roofing materials and their life span.


Slate is a type of stone that is put directly on to a roof. It is highly durable and heavy. It prevents pests and rots, and is an excellent roofing option for historical and traditional designs. The lifetime of a slate roof is 100 years. As slate is heavy, it will need extra trusses to support the weight. But when it comes to longevity, it will last for over 100 years.

Concrete tiles

According to the experienced roofing contractors in Dallas, people have used concrete as a roofing material for thousands of years. Today, these roofing options come in a huge variety of shapes, styles, and colors. They can give you a feel of other roofing materials. They provide many benefits. Normally, they have an A fire rating, it means they are the most fire resistant. They also oppose damage from insects and animals. The lifetime of concrete tiles is around 50 to 100 years.


Although copper roof has been around for thousands of years, modern steel roofing is a new innovation. Just like clay and cement, metal roofing can mimic a number of other styles. The most popular one is the coated steel. The other metal roofing options include aluminum and various alloys. You will also find stainless steel roof, although they are much expensive than other types of roofs. Metal roofing has a longer lifespan. They can last for 50 years or even more than that.

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingle is a very common roofing material, although it is regarded barely a long lasting roof material. Due to its price and easy installation, people opt for this roofing system. But if you compare it with other materials like stone, clay, or metal, it has relatively long life span. Most of them need to be replaced every 20 to 30 years. As it is a manufactured material, its durability varies considerably. You need tar adhesives to bind the overlapping shingles together. The life of asphalt shingles can be extended with proper care.

roofing materialsShake and Wood Shingles

Being an organic material, wood is vulnerable to pests, insects and rot. Shake tends to last longer than regular wood shingles. A good quality wooden roof will need replacement after 20 years. Many people chose them as they are both aesthetic and practical. Also, they are simple and economical to install.

The question which roofing option will last long is a complex one. There are several different factors to consider before choosing any one of them.

The installation of your roof matters a lot!

If you want your roof to complete its life span or even more than that, proper installation can make a big difference. Any material could break down or collapse early if there were problems with the installation. So, when you are installing a new roof or are getting the old one replaced, make sure you choose one of the leading roofing contractors in Dallas to do the job for you. If you choose a professional roofer, you can rest assured the installation is in the right hands.

Maintenance is the key factor for long life

The roofing experts will always advise you to take good care of your roof. With proper upkeep and care, your roofing system will last longer than their life span. As replacing a roof involves a lot of expenses, you should get your roof inspected annually. The roof inspector will check the life of your roof, identify issues, and will provide you suggestions to address the issues. They will also suggest you the cost associated with repairing the defects

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