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It’s something that’s above you every day, but you barely even think about it: your roof.

The roof of your DFW home provides you defense against rain, wind, Hill, heat, and snow. It is a part of your home that is exposed to various elements and other weather hazards, which contribute to further deterioration and damage to your roofing.

The main reason why homeowners often find problems in the roof as a result of low maintenance. As one of the primary and largest parts of your house, it requires regular maintenance, inspection, and repair

Providing your house all the necessary protection, your roof is the most vulnerable part of your home whose life span can be shortened dramatically if regular maintenance is neglected. If you live in Garland, TX, and are looking to get your roof maintenance, replacement, or fixing, then our professionals at 911 Exteriors are here to your rescue. 

All our professionals are eager to educate you with all things related to roofing. They will not just help you build and fix your roof, but will also give you specific tips that may help you maintain your roof and increase its longevity.

With proper maintenance, you as a homeowner can easily extend your roofs average life to 15 – 30 years. Given below are a few reasons why it’s essential for you to maintain your roofing.

It will increase the lifespan of your roofing.

Beautiful detailed slate roof in GermanyYour home’s roof is continuously exposed to different kinds of conditions, so it’s critical for you to provide your roof with adequate maintenance to avoid any significant damage. This regular maintenance will also increase the life expectancy of your roof.

Roof maintenance can also play a significant role between repair and a total replacement when there is an issue, minimizing any unexpected or future costs. 

How often must you get your roof maintained and inspected?

This depends on several different factors — for instance — the age of your roofing, the weather conditions of your area, or any other problems that come up during the inspection. Even if your home’s roof is new or has not had any issues, it is always better to have it inspected once a year.

Your warranty does not entirely protect your investment. 

A warranty can easily provide you with a false sense of security. Still, it’s crucial for you to remember that just because your roofing came with a contract does not mean that it will be replaced or repaired without any questions.

Like every other legal document, all types of warranty will have certain exceptions. This also means they have limited value. When dealing with a roof warranty, it’s important to remember that there are various factors at stake. Not every warranty is the same, and most of these warranties can be easily invalid if any materials are installed incorrectly or if there is some damage caused by something as seemingly innocent as getting your rooftop satellite dish installed.

Most roofing companies and material manufacturers suggest that you get a professional inspection every few years, especially after a significant weather event for your warranty to remain active. If you don’t maintain your roof correctly, you may end up running into problems while making your warranty claim

Your roof is a significantly integral part of your home’s curb appeal.

All homeowners want their house to look good both outside and inside, but sometimes people forget about their roof because it is taken for granted. Since it’s above their head, homeowners don’t seem to think much about it.

The fact is, your roof has a major role in your curb appeal that your potential buyers and neighbors will notice when wanting to move into your neighborhood. Majority of the real estate agents will tell you the same thing; an attractive exterior can break or make your home sale.

Clogged gutters may cause snow and rain not to drain appropriately, possibly destroying your landscape as well as the gutter itself. Similarly, roof algae can age your roof prematurely and cause ugly black streaks.

residential roofing replacement

Most of these issues can be simply fixed by regular maintenance and roof cleaning.


Roof maintenance saves you money.

How can spending money on the maintenance of your roof help you save money? When you are in an emergency type situation, you are at the mercy of your roofing company. If you go for a company that does not have any experience in Garland, Texas, you will end up being charged extra money for emergency situations.

Here at 911 Exteriors, we give you the best-in-class services at affordable prices. If you need to get your roof replaced, get in touch with our experts, and we will provide you with a quote on your project. Getting your roof fitted by an inexperienced professional, chances are that your roof may turn out to have a major problem or be defective.

You may end up spending thousands of dollars repairing it. An improperly fitted roof can cost you much more money on maintenance and keep up over time.

You may have hidden roof damage.

Several homeowners do not realize that there is damage on the roof until it becomes a major problem like a roof leak, and by then, the issue is much larger than it appears. Water can further infiltrate your attic and cause damage to your homes insulation, structural steel, and wooden frame even before mold appears or walls and ceilings start to leak.

The tricky part about a roof leak is that the combination of gravity and water makes them appear far away from where they originate on the roof itself. While performing a regular inspection and maintenance, a professional from 911 Exteriors can help you locate the problem that may not have even begun to appear within your home.

Helping the environment

Though there are many asphalt shingles recycling facilities throughout the country, the majority of old roofing shingles still end up in a landfill. Protecting your current roof shingles as well as the insulation underneath is better for the environment and your wallet.

The roof maintenance can help you detect problems and replace flashings, rubber gasket, or even a few damaged shingles instead of replacing your entire roof. It also means that the insulation material under your roof and in your attic stays dry.

Getting wet reduces the effectiveness of insulation and can also cause the growth of mold. Maintaining your insulation material in good shape will allow you to use it for a longer time and stay out of the landfills as well.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home’s roof is in its best shape gives you peace of mind. You would not have to worry about a possible leak after any significant weather event or have to be concerned about the possibilities of mold causing illness in your family.

The most proactive way to keep your home’s roof in good condition and prevent any problems in the future is by taking preventive maintenance. Regular maintenance allows you to be in control and concentrate on other aspects of life, giving you peace of mind.

Maintenance can help you save time when installing a new roof. 

When it comes to your home’s roof, you need to think ahead. When you do eventually have to get your roof replaced, frequent maintenance can help make the job easier for a roofing company, giving them an opportunity to complete the job by taking less time out of your schedule.

Maintaining your current roof often results in maintaining your existing insulation and all wooden carpentry stay in place while a new roof is being installed. Not replacing any of these major parts is not only cheap, but it also means that professionals will take much less time interrupting your life.


Repairing your roof

If in case it’s too late for you and your roof is already damaged, it’s essential for you to get in touch with 911 Exteriors if you live in Garland, TX. As a regular homeowner, you should never attempt on replacing your roof if you don’t have the required skills and experience to do so. 

Repairing your roof is not just tricky, but also can be a dangerous undertaking for someone who has little to no experience. It is always better for you to call for a professional roof repairing company like 911 Exteriors to get your job done correctly.

There could be various reasons why your roof needs to be repaired, some of which are given below.

1. Roof leaks

It is one of the most commonly found problems faced by homeowners. From broken shingles to cracked flashing, tiles, or slate, many causes are depending on the many types of roofs.

Roof leaks, in general, have a tendency to occur:

roof leak

  • under your damaged shingles
  • Near your chimney
  • Around the gutters
  • At flashing points
  • At skylights
  • In valleys or low spots
  • Close to pipes and vents

If you come across any signs of a leak, including damp walls or discolored ceilings, get in touch with 911 Exteriors for an inspection by a professional roofing expert.

2. Punctures and holes

Everything from local wildlife to extreme storms can end up leaving puncture marks, scrapes, or even big holes in your roofing. Whether it’s a massive hail storm or a woodpecker drilling holes on your shingles, the damage can build up with time, affecting the wood underneath or exposing it to rot-causing moisture.

3. Snow and ice damage

With passing time, ice and snow can also wreak havoc on your roof. This is because both snow and ice melt into water that eventually finds its ways underneath your shingles. If in case it freezes, then you are in for an unpleasant surprise. This is because ice underneath your roof can push up against the shingles or the flashing of your roof, lifting them, leaving a gap through which even more water and ice can make its way.

One way to ensure that this winter season is not permanently damaging your roof is by a scheduled routine fall and spring inspection and maintenance. This way, you will not get stuck or caught off-guard in a situation that demands emergency roof repairs.

4. Poor installation 

Choosing poorly qualified or inexperienced roofing specialists can cost you more money in the long run. In fact, incorrectly installed roofs remain the most common reason for long-term complications, shorter life expectancy, or even mold.

roof damage

911 Exterior has been in business since 1988. All of our employees are incredibly knowledgeable and highly experienced. Whether you need a commercial or residential roof installation, our professionals will do the job right so you won’t have to spend more money on costly future repairs.

5. Tree damage

This goes without saying: if a tree falls onto your home’s roof, you are in trouble. Nevertheless, if a branch rubs against your home’s roof every day, it can end up scratching the surface and wearing down the topmost layer of your roof. It would be best if you considered getting rid of any trees that may pose a threat to the integrity of your home’s roof.

6. Blistering and cracking 

With time, your home’s roof can develop blisters, cracks, and ridges. Chances of you seeing such damages usually depend on the type of roof you have installed. Roofs composed of multiple layers that cover a flat surface (commonly known as Built-up Roofs) are particularly vulnerable to blistering and cracking.

Maintaining and repairing your roof if necessary, is crucial to protect your most valuable investment, which is your home. Every homeowner finds dealing with roofing issues, both time-consuming and frustrating. It’s better if you stay ahead of such problems by taking preventative precautions.

Most crucially, a little maintenance of your roof can help you save a lot of money in future. If you live in Garland, TX, and are looking to get your roof checked, call 911 Exteriors today at 972-243-6700 and one of our professionals will get to your help immediately. 

We offer a complete range of roofing services to all property owners in Garland. Our professionals always take extra care and efforts to exceed all your expectations after the completion of your roofing project.

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