As a homeowner, you need to understand how important a roof is in protecting your most valuable investment, which is your home. Our professionals at 911 Exteriors have been providing best in class roofing services to all residents living in Frisco, Texas since 1988. 

We, as a company, strive to give you an experience which is rare in the roofing industry with our honesty, strong workmanship history, and fantastic customer service. This is why we offer you a warranty on our work.

All are professionals working in 911 Exteriors are eager to educate you on all things related to roofing. They don’t just build your roof; they also tell you tips and tricks that will help you maintain your roof to its fullest capacity.

Our experts have noticed that most DFW homeowners ask us the same question, which is, how often should they get their roof maintenance done? Well, luckily for you, our team of experts is here to break it down for you.


How often does your roof need maintenance?

All your vehicles need their oil changed in order to keep them maintained and running effortlessly; this same principle goes for your roof. Getting your roof maintenance done is a periodical checking of all various vulnerable parts of the roof that can be susceptible to have problems.

Your home’s roof needs to be functioning correctly; it is crucial to have your roof checked over periodically. So, when should you have your roof maintenance?

Even if you have a correctly installed roof, it is crucial to have at least an annual maintenance inspection of your home’s roof.

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How vital is roof maintenance?

Now that we have answered how often your roof needs roof maintenance, it’s time for you to understand why it is essential. Roof maintenance can help you detect any potential problem, maximize the full life of your roof, and give you some Peace of Mind.

Not only this, but maintenance will also help you to save your roof investment for the future; after all, everything is the cost.

The most crucial reason to get roof maintenance is as a preventive measure. Even a minor roofing issue that has been left untouched can turn into a significant problem in a matter of years or maybe even months.

To paint a better picture, if you find a slit in your pipe boot, it is an inexpensive and simple fix. But if the same issue doesn’t get caught because you did not get your roof maintenance, it can end up costing $200, $400, or even a $500 worth damage to your home’s ceiling.

Maybe you have animals living in your attic Rent free. Trying to get them out of your attic is one thing, but the biohazard that they leave behind can be a costly fix.

When you get your annual roof maintenance, our contractor will help you to not only prevent the critters from getting into the attic, but will also detect if your roof has any hail damage, or if it needs leaking repair.

You can save on a lot of expensive problems beforehand by our professional finding all potential issues whenever you get your roof maintenance from 911 Exteriors.

Maximize the life of your roof

Every homeowner expects to get the most out of the life of their roof, and sometimes practice as simple as annual maintenance can help you maximize your roof’s life.

If you are a homeowner, you must already know that roof maintenance can help you maximize its life by catching problems like hail damage which may help you prevent any future leaks and save money on expensive repairs. It is also an excellent chance to clear your gutters and roof of any irregularities or debris.

Even something as small as wet debris stuck on your asphalt roof can shorten the total lifespan of your shingles.

This is precisely why you should get in touch with 911 Exteriors today to make sure that your roof is running smoothly and efficiently throughout its life by signing up for regular roof maintenance.

Regular roof maintenance inspection can help you get that peace of mind you’ve always wanted. You will know for sure that your roof has been running smoothly and will keep your home safe.

There will not be a need for you to panic next time there is rain, because there won’t be any leaks or any other problems with your roof. You will have the peace of mind knowing that 911 exterior professionals will either catch the problems or pass your roof with a clean bill of health.

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Even if your roofing needs any type of repair, you need to be sure that it is at least caught before escalating to a much more expensive issue.

Roof hail damage

Not all types of hailstorms end up damaging your roof, but depending on the period of storm and the size of hail, it’s crucial for you to keep your roof in check. If you catch your roof leaking, it is crucial for you as a homeowner to get it fixed immediately.

We understand that homeowners may be tempted to put a pot under it and wait for a couple of days till they have time to deal with the problem, but it needs to be fixed and addressed as quickly as possible.

Simply call for a roofing professional from 911 Exteriors and our team will come out to take care of your problem for you.

Roof affects your property’s value and appeal.

If you are planning on selling your house in the coming years, you will want to put your back into that roof. The condition of your home’s roof is going to be one of the priorities for most potential buyers since it is one of those apparent features of your house that you can not twist the truth about.

A neglected roof is something very apparent, most home buyers can tell just by driving up to your property. It is visible if you have not kept it maintained or if something has been left in despair for an extended period.

Having a roof that does not need much maintenance after-sale can even allow you to raise your expected price.

The sooner it is fixed, the lesser it will cost.

Even if you are a homeowner who is not planning on selling their house in the near future, it is crucial to note that the sooner you get a repair done, the less you will have to spend for the long run.

Almost all roof damage will get worse progressively: if your roof loses a shingle, it will turn into a leak over time; if your roofing has a leak, you could be facing serious water damage if not taken care of in time.

It is in your best interest to call your local roofing professional in Frisco TX as soon as you find any problems. We promise that all our experts from 911 Exteriors will fix minor issues for minor costs.

Roof replacement

Roof replacement is ideally a significant expense that forces most homeowners to shell out their hard-earned cash for. In reality, you should not get your roof replaced more than once or even twice in a lifetime. A properly maintained asphalt roof can easily last upwards of 30 years and can be replaced without much effort.

But for a roof that has been neglected for a long time is a different story. When you as a homeowner continue to ignore your roof repairs, they eventually get worse and worse resulting in deteriorating your roof to the point where you are forced to purchase a new roof sooner than you should.

One thing that most people don’t seem to notice is that a neglected roof can be much more expensive to fix or even replace.

This is because a roof that has been neglected often breeds damage onto the structural level of your house by trapping moisture on the support beams of your home.

It can also promote the growth of mold within your ceiling, which may increase your cost even more. A professional needs to take care of this damage before you can get a new roof installed on your house.

Better air quality

In case there is any damage to your roof that allows humidity and water to seep into your home slowly, it is easy you end up with a mold growth problem in sneaky places like ceilings and exterior walls.

Other than the fact that they spoil and damage the look of your house, mold in your home can seriously decrease your air quality.

If the problem is not attended to on time, it is not unexpected to see your family members have an increased instance of allergies like symptoms and cold.

Mold can be a challenging issue to take care of, which can cause you a lot of dollars.

Better insulation

Your roof faces the elements head-on. A properly insulated and ventilated roof will help you save a lot of money on your energy costs.

Your roof helps in releasing heat and humidity from your home. The humidity and heat that comes from your home can be as dangerous as rain from the outside.

If the vents of your roof are not working adequately, that heat and humidity will be trapped, eating away all the wood rafters in your attic and the underpinnings of your roof.

Making sure that your roof has good insulation is a significant key to warmer winter temperatures and cooler summer ones inside your house.

Remember, you as a homeowner pay a lot of money to keep your home insulated, do not let your money escape through a poorly insulated roof.


With an intention to save money, know that your insurance provider will be able to tell if you have waited too long to call a roofing professional for a repair.

If in case you request a service as quickly as you notice the damage, it is more likely that your insurance provider will cover most of your claim, depending on the damage.

But if you choose to wait longer than required to get the issue fixed, you will probably only receive compensation for a basic repair job cost before your roof damage worsened due to neglect.

This means that you will be paying much more out of your pocket for that roof repair, whereas initially it should have been covered under your home’s insurance.

We understand that roof repair can end up being somewhat stressful, but it’s one of those home-improvement projects that you cannot necessarily fix yourself.

You will have to arrange a local roofing professional to come out and do the job for you. 

You may also have to spend extra cash on repairs that you don’t want to pay if you don’t take care of your roof. Even though your roof may usually feel like your least favorite home improvement project, it is vital for you to remember that your roof is the first defense for your home against the weather.

It is what keeps your home and your family safe during the seasons. Since your roof is such an essential feature of your home, it’s probably worth considering moving your roof up in the priority list.


Our team at 911 Exteriors can help you with all your roofing needs.

residential roofing repairWhile roof repair is not always the most fun home improvement task, it is a crucial one. Just like we discussed earlier, a damaged roof can very well lead to a whole host of problems that may cost you a hefty bill in the long run.

It’s time for you to get ahead of those significant repairs by calling 911 Exteriors at first sight of a problem and help save both your roof and your wallet.

In case you have any questions regarding the roof, or if you would like to get your roof inspected to make sure everything works well, feel free to give our professionals at 911 Exteriors a call.

We are one of Frisco’s foremost roofers and have been serving homeowners in the area for decades.

911 Exteriors will be happy to give you a personal visit for all your roofing problems in Frisco and surrounding cities. Give us a call at 972-243-6700 today!

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