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The roof is an important part of any Fort Worth home. It not only helps you to keep dry during a storm or avoid the sun on a hot day, but it also adds aesthetics to your most prized possession, which is your home. 

Having a faulty roof defeats the primary purpose of having a “shelter” since a home with a bad roof is a home that can’t protect you and your loved ones from the harshness of the outside world. 

Some homeowners want to save money by doing their roof repair themselves using installation guidelines they find online. These eager homeowners often set out and try to complete this complicated and complex job all by themselves. 

Our experts from 911 Exteriors suggest that you get this job done by professionals since it is something that needs precision and perfection. We are a Fort Worth roofing contractor that works efficiently and quickly, with a drive to exceed your expectations.

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Our exceptional artistry and service speak for themselves. No matter what damage your roof has, a hail storm damage, a roof leak, or even a suspected problem, you can get in touch with a roofing expert from 911 Exteriors to get it fixed in no time.

Most homeowners find out that their roofing project is more challenging and time-consuming than anticipated. If you don’t have enough experience and the required skills, you may end up causing even more damage to your property.

The proportion of damages and injuries to a homeowner from a DIY roofing project is undoubtedly high. Consider roofing similar to gardening. People who haven’t tried it before may think that it is simple at first, but the first time they get a plant home, they find out that there is much more to it than just giving it sunlight and water to thrive.

The same is for roofing. All our professional roofers from 911 Exteriors use proper equipment, experience, and training to make their job seem straightforward – but it isn’t. Given below are some reasons why you should consider hiring a roofing professional from 911 Exteriors for your Fort Worth home.

We have the knowledge and experience. 

Do you know that there are various layers of roofing material hidden below your shingles? A roof is an extremely complex system that has multiple different components and layers.

All these different pieces work together seamlessly and need to connect appropriately in order to direct water off your home’s roof instead of letting it into your home.

Our professionals are trained to understand how a roof system works and to install all various components properly.


They need to consider both the standards of their local building codes and the manufacturer’s standards. If you live in North America, your roofer may have to have a state, province, or a legit roofing association certificate before they work on your project.

Some roofers may even choose to get certified by a manufacturer, which provides them with more skill and experience.

Our very own roofers from 911 Exteriors are trained to professionally protect your home from the harsh weather in ways that you may not even realize.

When our professional is on your roof fixing your problem, they may notice another that you would not have gotten fixed otherwise.

Should you repair your own roof? 

If they choose to, homeowners can learn a lot about their roof online. However, most of them don’t have enough time to learn everything they need to do a repair job correctly.

Even if you plan on replacing a single shingle that has fallen off your roof, there are many things that could go wrong.

Maybe you don’t know how to properly pull the shingles above your new shingle to fit correctly. Perhaps you could leave your nail heads exposed, place the nail incorrectly, use the wrong size of the nail, or fail to drive it in properly. Most DFW homeowners often fail to notice that their underlayment below the shingle also needs a replacement.

These small mistakes can end up in a roof leak. It’s better for you to call for an expert from 911 Exteriors to get your roof leaks repaired.

It’s difficult to understand how involving a roof repair project is without investing proper time in it. Think of it this way, would you expect a roofer to be able to pick up your specialized field as a hobby and finish your job correctly on the weekend?

Aesthetics are important 

When you hire our professional to work on your roofing project, they will take both the factors into consideration, your roof’s beauty and function. After all, the roof of your house plays a crucial role in your home’s curb appeal.

It takes a lot of practice and skill to install a roof shingle that looks good and attracts even more potential buyers.

For you to receive the best results out of your professional roofing project, our experts will focus on correctly applying every single shingle based on the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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Insurance and liability 

Your home’s insurance will most likely not cover all the damage you do to your roof when walking on it or when attempting to repair it without proper skill and knowledge. While denying your claim, the insurance company may argue that you were negligent when you tried to get your roof fixed all by yourself.

If this happens, you may have to pay for all the repairs out of your pocket. Professional roofers from 911 Exteriors are less likely to make these mistakes. Even if they do, we will give you insurance that covers any damage to your property caused by our professionals.

We will also fix any mistakes that were made without charging any additional costs. By choosing us, you gain the protection of our insurance and save yourself the expense and hassle of dealing with a denied claim.

Limited warranties 

When you hire a professional roofing expert from 911 Exteriors, you get covered by two different types of limited warranties—one from us for labor and one from the shingle manufacturer in case of product defects.

If you try to do your roof repair yourself, you will not be covered by any roofer’s limited warranty. Furthermore, you will probably void your limited manufacturer warranty as well.

All manufacturers require you to install their products properly, following their given application instructions and all the applicable building code requirements to make you eligible for limited warranty coverage.

Professional roofers are positioned best to comply with these requirements adequately.

Tools and costs 

Most homeowners consider doing their roofing repairs themselves because they hope to save money out of it. However, a DIY roofing project is improbable to save you anything. Instead, it may result in costing you more money than you would have if you hired a professional.

Even a minor mistake that you make on your roof can cost you much more down the road in additional damages and repairs.

Even if everything goes excellent with your roof repair job, it will end up costing more than a professional’s work. Homeowners can inaccurately estimate a roofing job and may end up buying the wrong or extra materials.

There could be a situation where you may have to buy extra material than what’s required to get your job done. For example, if you only need four shingles to get your job done, you will probably have to buy many more since they come in a bundle.

On the other hand, a professional roofer can take all the extra shingles from that bundle and put them to fair use on another project. This same example is applicable for various other things like nails, cement, and other supplies.

All professional roofers from 911 Exteriors also use equipment and tools that are expensive to rent or buy. Something as small as a nail gun is too costly when rented out.

You may also have to rent a safety harness, extension ladder, and other safety equipment. Moreover, without getting proper safety training, you put your safety at a greater risk.

Completion time 

We will make sure that your roofing project gets delivered to you exactly how you want within the time frame you asked for. An inexperienced worker may underestimate how long it would take for them to complete your roof repairs.

Though a delay does not matter much when you are painting your front door or laying down tiles, a roofing project delays can cause severe issues.

When you work on your roof, a part of it is usually exposed to various elements like rain, snow, and wind. Even if you choose to cover your roof using a tarp, these elements may still damage your roof. It is crucial for you to complete your work efficiently to reduce the risk of damage.

You cannot just leave your project hanging until next week if you don’t finish it on time. Weather conditions can quickly escalate, and even extreme exposure to sunlight can damage some of your roofing materials.

Our professionals will complete their work much efficiently and faster than you would be able to, thereby reducing any exposure to weather.

Safety hazards 

An extensive or even minor roofing project is a dangerous undertaking. Not just in terms of severe injuries, but a mistake during a roofing project can also be fatal. You are much more likely to get hurt while on a ladder or the roof.

Inexperienced personnel lack training for using a ladder or working at heights properly, leading to accidents. All our professionals are on the roof, repairing damages on a daily basis, so they know precisely how to handle equipment and themselves while on the job.

Is it safe to walk on the roof? 

No. It is not safe for you to walk on your roof, especially if your home’s roof needs a repair. There is always a possibility that you could fall off the ladder or the roof. Every year many people end up visiting the emergency room or even die from falling from a ladder.

Suppose you understand proper ladder safety and are comfortable with working at heights. In that case, you may still underestimate the risk of carrying equipment up the ladder or get caught off guard due to poor weather conditions.

Shingle bundles are usually heavy. Other materials required, such as plywood, can also catch the wind and knock you off your balance. The result can be tragic.

Walking on your home’s roof can also damage your roofing. You can step in the wrong place, walk too heavily, or wear the wrong shoes.

It is best to avoid walking on your roof as it is one of your house’s most vulnerable areas. If you are not appropriately trained, damaging your roof by walking on it can cause an even more severe issue than the one you were attempting to fix.

Do you live in Fort Worth? Does your roof need repair? Get in touch with 911 Exteriors today! 

It is best for you to hire a professional roofing expert to get your roof repaired in no time. If you choose to go with someone who does not have enough experience, you are at risk of damaging your roof and the rest of your home even more.

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Like we discussed earlier, you may also void your warranty and end up adding more dollars to your bill. Hiring a professional from 911 Exteriors to get your Fort Worth home’s roof replaced or repaired would be a wise decision.

We know exactly what to do in order to give you a roof that not only lasts long but also adds to your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Be it a hail storm damage, a leaky roof, or something that you’re not sure of, call us today at 972-243-6700 to speak to one of our professional roofing experts.

We offer a wide variety of residential roofing solutions, which include shingle roofing, tile roofing, roof repair, roof replacement, brand new roof installation, roof inspection, and much more.


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