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Your Euless roof repair, replacement, and installation deserve to be completed by a professional roofer with proven results. At 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence, you will exactly get just that. Our Euless roofers are qualified field consultants who certainly go above and beyond to provide every client with exemplary services.

When you call us, you will not speak to a random salesperson who has zero knowledge of the industry. We have you connect only with an expert who can understand your roofing problems and suggest a further course of action. They will make every effort to help you save money while presenting a practical solution to the issues you may be facing.

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From free, no-obligation quotes to detailed discussions and affordable pricing, the 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence team does every possible thing to make your experience with us beyond your expectations. Our belief in providing excellence in every manner and aspect has allowed us to expedite roof repairs and/or installations throughout North Texas, especially Euless. We are prepared to offer you the same level of care… or more… with your roofing project.

At 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence, our mission is to provide all our clients with nothing short of the best. This requires us to deliver reliable roof repair services in Euless, lasting results, and prices that are reasonable for both our commercial and residential clients. These form the core of our business operations. Every professional on our team relates to our vision and implements solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. We make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the work we do to restore your damaged roof. 


The whole process is problem-free, and you do not have to involve yourself in this daunting task at all. The procedure is as simple as ABC – call us to know about us, we offer you the best industry bids, and once you agree, time to carry out the roofing work. In short, the process is absolutely seamless!


You can ask us as many questions as you want to ease your decision-making process. Roof repair or replacement is a not-so-obvious decision. So you must be 100% sure of what you are getting yourself into and who you are contracting with.


Before offering you just any estimate, we make sure to send a 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence expert at your property to assess the actual damage. Once the inspections are complete and we understand your needs, we promptly offer you a competitive and detailed bid.


Once you accept the proposal sent by the 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence team, the roofing work will commence on your site. You are in no hurry to get started with our services. Take your time to compare the bids, understand our level of expertise, and then finalize your choice.

We offer no-obligation quotes and discussions, so you would never be under any pressure from our end. The only hurry you must make is to address your roofing issues, so these do not result in something severe and even more costly. When you contract with us, we immediately get onto fixing minor repairs within hours. However, if the damage is significant, we give our 100% to get it mended as soon as we can, so you have to face no discomfort.

Customer satisfaction is our promise

At 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence, we strongly feel that all our clients deserve safe and satisfactory services and products. We are dedicated and committed to providing you a result that matches your expectations and fits within your budget. Besides, we also always encourage our clients to let us know if they have suggestions or feedback on our services. This applies throughout the time – before, during, and after the project is completed.

However, we never anticipate any problems with our products and services. But the 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence team is still always willing to accommodate your queries concerning our workmanship.

Our team comprises roofing experts who are real-world specialists and consultants dedicated to working towards your concerned home or business improvements. Together we vouch to create an environment that fosters professionalism, development, recommendations, and satisfaction between you and us. We make every effort to keep you and your comforts in mind. You can always express your concerns or wants, and we will make sure things go as it pleases you and seems fit. This allows us to make communications 100% transparent and align the services with your specific intentions since it is your home or business project. You are ultimately going to enjoy the benefits of a reliable roof.


Commencing a roof repair or roof replacement project can be very much overwhelming and even stressful, for that matter. However, here at 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence, our 30+ years of experience allows us to work on any Euless roofing project with ease.

With us, nothing will seem too draining. Our extensive range of roofing services provided by trustworthy and committed workers who deliver perfection will make the process convenient for you. Rest assured, you can leave all your troubles to us, be those roof repairs, leaking roof repair, roof replacement, or roof maintenance.

Do not wait or hesitate to contact the 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence team for your roofing needs in Euless, Texas. In fact, do not ever cut corners when it comes to roofing issues in Euless. We have served this area for years, and we certainly understand what it takes to construct and maintain a quality roof in this region.


You will always be our first priority. We never let profits dictate our professional roofing services. We only strive for lasting relations, which can be achieved when we cater to our clients with utmost decency. This has built us a reputation in all the major areas of North Texas as the most trusted and go-to roofing contractor. It makes us really proud and doubles our motivation to serve you better!

911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence understands the value of the roof you have over your head. Affordability, as well as speed and precision, all make essential considerations for us when repairing or replacing your roof. We are verified, accredited, and insured roofing contractors in Euless, Texas. We also offer unbeatable warranties of our roofing services in Euless.

Our policies do not just safeguard our company interests but also the subcontractors and whoever teams up with us. It is very crucial for you to know this and partner with a roofing contractor who can adhere to these responsibilities. It further shows how diligent and sincere they are for their craft. We do all types of residential as well as commercial roofing works, which makes it mandatory for us to maintain our credentials.

At 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence, we do:

We render all kinds of roof repairs and replacements to our clients. We also do provide a free inspection to better understand your concerns about the roof’s condition. In short, we do all things roofing in Euless and serve all the major areas of North Texas.

However, we deem it essential for our clients to ask for an itemized estimate in the first place, so everyone has a clear idea of what is what! It also allows you to compare our quotes and recognize the difference we offer. You can, without hesitation, ask us questions – no matter the number or types of queries, just put them forward and we will do our best to elaborate on those. You can ask about the brands that we would use for your particular roofing project. We can even describe our warranties so you can understand those fine prints.

However, one thing to always keep in mind is when a disaster or an emergency strikes, such as a hail storm, chasers come flying in trying to sell you their services. Here we would like to mention how important it is for you to choose someone who is local and has the experience to serve roof hail damage needs and more in your particular region.

Someone like a storm chaser may simply come into your town after devastation has struck it and sell you policies that may seem too good but may eventually turn out bogus or at least not up to the mark. At times they sign up with several local businesses to fetch more clientele. So it is your responsibility to make sure you track their business record and adequately understand the warranties as well.


A business is more likely to cheat its clients or cut corners when they do not have the relevant experience. They commit quotes that are incorrect and then try to accommodate services within that range. This is done to retain clients by trading quality materials with those that may be significantly inferior.

This is one of the biggest problems in the roofing industry, which makes clients lose trust in others who are performing their level best to improve their community. For these reasons, it is crucial for you as a consumer to be aware of these intricacies and check whether or not the business you are partnering with may be able to deliver what they bid and promise.

The 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence Euless crew makes sure you go through none of these hassles as we are a reputed business operating for almost three decades in this trade. We completely understand and respect different perceptions, ideas, and approaches. We fully immerse ourselves into your roofing project so what you receive is lasting, and it makes you go wow! Besides, we always provide our clients with a detailed estimate of the approximation and the details of what made us conclude the final price.

         Our awareness and know-how with Claims Assistance is unmatched.

         We are your TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors.

         Being GAF certified is another proud credential for us.

         Roofing Contractors Association of Texas is who we are licensed with.

         Delivering consistent and reliable results, we also make part of the BBB accreditation.

All of this makes us stand apart from many others in the industry. Our excellent customer reviews showcase our brilliance and dedication towards each roofing project. We are a 5 star roofing company in North Texas.


Apart from Euless in Texas, we proudly serve more than a hundred nearby areas with our professional and steadfast roofing services. We concentrate our services on both commercial and residential roofing needs. If you ever need help with leaking roof repairs or just any other fixing with the first line of defense in your property, 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence is the name you can trust. We are just a call away, no matter where you are in North Texas. Get in touch with our roofing experts, and let us prove ourselves to you as the best Texas roofers.

We are available for a call at 972-243-6700. You can also drop in your queries online. Our veterans shall get back to you with a workable plan of action ASAP. We are also available for emergency service in Euless and around – you can directly call us at 972-841-9494 and discuss your needs.

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