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Your roof is something that’s above your head every day, but you rarely ever think about it. It provides you and your family defense against rain, wind, snow, hail storm, and heat. Throughout the year, the roof in your Addison home is exposed to various weather hazards and elements, all of which end up damaging and deteriorating its materials.

This is why you need to ensure that your roof is properly maintained since the primary cause of having any roofing problem is little to no maintenance.


If you live anywhere in the Allen, Addison, Arlington, Bedford, Carrollton, Coppell, Colleyville, Dallas, Euless, Frisco, Fort Worth, Garland, Irving, Plano, Richardson, and Valley Ranch, get in touch with 911 Exteriors for all your roofing problems. We have been serving all homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for decades and are capable enough to give your roofing project the justice it deserves.   Our customer reviews are proof of our honesty and professionalism. 

Not only do we help you with the installation of a new roof and repairs, but we will also do the regular maintenance of your roof, which plays a crucial part in expanding its lifespan.

As one of the most significant features of your house, your roof requires regular maintenance, inspection, and repair to function correctly.

You need to understand that your roof’s lifespan can be shortened if neglected for an extended period.

If you choose to give your roof the maintenance that it deserves, it should last an average of 20 to 30 years.

Our professional experts from 911 Exteriors have written down a few reasons why you should get your periodic roof maintenance.

Proper maintenance can increase your roof’s lifespan. 

The roof of your home is continuously exposed to all different conditions, so you must provide it with maintenance to avoid any significant damages. Regular maintenance will also help you increase your roof’s overall lifespan.

residential roofing replacement

Proper maintenance can also mean all the difference between a repair and a full-on replacement when there is a problem. It can help you reduce any unexpected future costs.

The most common question that homeowners ask our professionals from 911 Exteriors is: how often should they have their roof maintained and inspected?

This depends on various factors – the age of your roofing system, weather conditions in your area, and any other problems that have been identified during previous inspections.

Even if your roofing system has been installed recently or has not had any problems, it is always better to have it inspected periodically.

A warranty doesn’t fully protect you.

A warranty tends to give homeowners a false sense of security, but you must remember that just because your roofing came with a warranty does not mean that it will be replaced or repaired with no questions asked.

Like every other legal documentation, even your roof’s warranty has exceptions, which means that they have a limited value.

When dealing with a roof warranty, it’s crucial to remember that various factors are at stake. Not all roofing warranties are the same. Most of these warranties can be voided easily if your roofing materials are not installed properly or if your damage has been caused by something innocent like installing a satellite dish.

Many roofing material manufacturers and roofing companies require you to get a professional inspection of your roof every once in a while, or after a major storm, for their warranty to remain active.

If a homeowner cannot show proof that their roof has been maintained regularly, they may run into issues when trying to file a claim.

Your roof adds to your home’s curb appeal.

All homeowners wish that their house looks great both inside and outside, but they often forget about their roof since they take it for granted.

Your roof plays a crucial role in adding curb appeal to your home, which your neighbors and people moving into your neighborhood will surely notice.

As all real estate dealers tell you, an attractive exterior of your home can make or break your sale. Clogged gutters can cause snow and rain to not drain properly, which can ruin your landscape and your gutters themselves.

It can also promote algae growth, which can age your roof prematurely and cause ugly black streaks. All these problems can be fixed by regular maintenance.

Roof maintenance can help you save cash.

You may be wondering how spending money on maintenance will help you save money, right? During an emergency, you are at the mercy of your roofing company.

Are you going to spend time selecting the best price for your project while your walls and floors are being ruined because of a leaking roof?

Many roofing companies make their money on such emergency calls – not on regular repairs. All emergency service calls are billed on a materials and time basis, and some extra money is charged for Holidays, weekends, or evening projects.

Driving to the location of your house, setting up all the equipment required, and investigating your roof problem adds to your total bill.

If your roof has any significant problem or turns out to be defective, you may end up spending thousands of dollars getting it repaired.

All this is in addition to the time you will have to spend getting your roof repaired, which means you will miss out on your important appointments and work.

This is why it is better to spend your hard-earned money on routine maintenance and inspection of your roof since it is a lot less than what you will be spending on an emergency repair.

There could be some hidden damage to your roof.

Homeowners usually don’t realize that there could be damage to their roofing system until it develops into a leak, by when the problem is often much more significant than it appears.

Different types of damage like hail storm damage can allow water to infiltrate your attic and damage your home’s insulation, wooden framing, and structural steel even before your ceilings and walls start to leak.

Thanks to gravity, it can get really tricky to find out your leak’s exact location just by looking at it. A leak often appears far from where it originates on your roof. Regular maintenance and roof inspection can help locate a problem that may not have shown signs inside your home.

Environment friendly

Although there are many shingle recycling facilities available in the country, most of your old roofing shingles end up in landfills nevertheless.

Protecting your roof’s current shingles along with the insulation underneath is beneficial for both the environment and your wallet.

Roof maintenance gives you an option to replace a rubber gasket, a few damaged shingles, or just your flashings instead of replacing the entire roof.

Maintaining your roof also means that the insulation material underneath your shillings and inside your attic stays dry.

If your insulation gets wet, it could reduce its efficiency and promote mold growth. Keeping your insulation in good shape will give you better functionality and results.

Less stress

Having the authority that your roofing system is in its best possible shape gives you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about dealing with another leak after every significant weather change or get concerned about your roof developing any mold, which can make your loved ones fall sick.

Regular maintenance is a proactive way for you to keep your roof and home safe from any future problems.

Regular maintenance will keep your investment in good condition and let you be in control while you get to concentrate on other important aspects of your life.

Maintenance can help you save time when installing a new roof.

When it comes to your home’s roofing system, thinking ahead is what you need to do. Suppose you eventually have to get your roof replaced – In that case, regular maintenance can help make this job easier for your roofing company, allowing us to complete your project quickly and efficiently while taking less time out of your busy schedule.

Maintaining your roof means that your existing wood carpentry and insulation can stay in their place while your new roof gets installed.

Not replacing any of these important items is not only a cheaper alternative, but it also means that our roofing professionals from 911 Exteriors will take less time to complete your project.

Get in touch with 911 Exteriors to get your roof inspected today!

Our professionals specialize in repairing, replacing, and inspecting your roofing system whenever you need it.

If you live in Addison, TX and are looking for a roofing contractor who works efficiently and professionally while exceeding your expectations, then 911 Exteriors is precisely what you’re looking for.

If you are still not convinced that you should hire us, then giving below are a few benefits you get from hiring a team of professional roofers from 911 Exteriors.

We can assess all types of damage.

An average homeowner can spot huge problems, but it is unlikely that you could spot all the small issues that later escalate into a higher cost. After a hail storm, all homeowners usually go outside to take a look around their property, looking for any damage.

If you do not find any visible signs of damage, you may think that you escaped the storm safely. Unfortunately, some hail storm damage types can only be seen when you physically climb up on your roof.

Our professionals from 911 Exteriors have a professionally trained eye to assess your roof and search for damages that you or any other inexperienced person can’t see.

We are good at finding out even the smallest of problems.

Climbing on top of your roof and taking a look around may sound great and can also help you spot major damages, but there can be numerous hidden problems that you won’t notice in case of storm damage.

It doesn’t matter how little or big your roof damage is; getting it repaired as soon as possible is crucial.

A professional roofing expert from 911 Exteriors will do a thorough examination of things like damaged tiles, roof leaks, cracks, and much more.

Our roofing experts also know what signs to look for both in the interior and exterior of your home’s roofing system.

Help with an insurance claim. 

A professional inspection of your roof includes a report on all damages found along with photos. Like most homeowners, if you plan on filing a claim for your roof’s insurance, you will need to have pictures and proof of your damage.  

Our team of professionals will take pictures of all the damage and file a detailed report stating what’s wrong during our inspection.  

We will also provide you with an estimate of the total cost of repairs after the inspection.  

We know what to look for regarding water damage.  

A professional inspection will also mean that we will look for any sign of water damage. This could be difficult to identify since most homeowners often find out that their roof has water damage after it’s too late. Since our professionals are trained, they know exactly what to look for.  

We can help you save money in the long run. 

If you choose not to get your roof inspected after a severe storm, you will find yourself spending a lot of cash in the long haul. Small issues left untreated for an extended period can escalate into a much bigger problem.  

Calling us to get your roof inspected can help you extend your roof’s total lifespan, fix all small problems, and save money on expensive repairs.  

Call us today at 972-243-6700, and our experts will take care of all your roofing problems. 

Maintaining your home’s roof is vital to protect your most valuable investment: your home and everyone in it.  

Dealing with a roofing problem is both frustrating and time-consuming. Stay ahead of your roofing problems by calling 911 Exteriors to take a look at your Addison, Texas, home.  

A little roof maintenance in time can result in huge savings. Give us a call today.  

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