7 Roof Maintenance Tips to Prevent Roof Replacement

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Tips for maintaining your roofing and avoiding replacement

Roofing can be expensive! However, you can extend the life of your roofing by keeping it well maintained. Here are some maintenance tips to avoid roof replacement:

Have your roofing inspected every spring and/or fallroof maintenance tips to prevent roof replacement

Having your roofing inspected every spring or fall will allow you to keep an eye out for any damage that might have occurred to your roofing. Why spring or fall in particular? Because, generally speaking, these are the milder seasons. This means that a roofing inspector will be able to thoroughly look through everything without having to worry about the weather.

Check for and remove debris from gutters

After severe storms, roofing shingles tend to loosen and allow granules to roll into the gutter. These can gather and are evidence of roofing damage, so it’s extremely important to check for this debris in the gutters and remove them as soon as possible to avoid blocking up the gutters.

Reseal flashing if needed

Check the flashing between the shingles and the chimney, skylights, and valleys. If there are any visible gaps between them, you will probably need to reseal the flashing to ensure that all water stays out.

Make sure your attic is properly ventilated

Roofing helps keeps the elements out of your home and protects it. Additionally, your attic has insulation that keeps your home cozy and comfortable from the inside. That’s why it’s important to check your attic’s ventilation and make sure everything is in good condition.

Inspect your home’s drainage system

A home’s drainage system is extremely important to avoiding moisture-related damage from occurring to your home. Whether it’s leaks from your roofing or other areas of your home, you’ll want to avoid them! That’s why it’s important to inspect your home’s drainage system and make sure that there is no standing water.

Repair any damaged shingles

While one or two damaged shingles are no cause for alarm, it’s important to have those shingles repaired to avoid more serious damage in the future that could result from ignoring those lightly damaged shingles.

Trim trees around your home

The last tip is to keep all the trees on your property trimmed. The last thing you want is a tree on your own property falling and damaging your roofing during a storm!

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