What time of year is best to replace a roof?

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We all know that the perfect time of the year to buy Christmas wrapping paper and all holiday decorations is in the month of December. And it is also very easy to stock up on items like flip flops, patio umbrellas, sunscreen, and beach toys towards the end of August when all stores start putting their back-to-school items on display. But what about your home’s roofing system? Is there a particular season that is better than all other seasons to get your roof replaced?

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But first, how to know if your roof needs replacement?

Various telltale signs will help point you towards a roof replacement or roof repairing project. These signs include:

The total age of your roofing system

If your roofing system is getting on toward 20 or 25 years old, you need to consider hiring a professional roofing expert to get your roof inspected in the near future.

Higher utility bills

As you may already know, hot air tends to rise and can easily escape if your roof leaks. As a homeowner, if you are spending more money on heating your home but still feel cold, then it may be your old roof to blame.

Damaged shingles

Your roof may also have a few missing, broken, damaged, or otherwise curled shingles. You also need to check your roof’s gutters for any shingle granules since it is also another sign that your roof’s shingles are getting worn out as a result of age.

Winter is not the best roofing season

If you live in an area that experiences winter: sleet, snow, ice, and is continuously below or at freezing temperature, then it’s probably not the best time for you to schedule a roof replacement project.

A professional roofing company will not even consider asking their experts to climb up on steep roofing when the weather conditions make the task dangerous. However, there are plenty of other reasons why winter is not a good season for you to get your roof replaced.

Your new shingles could end up cracking when installed since cold temperature makes them more rigid and much more brittle. Even if your shingles do not break, they still need to be cured at a higher temperature to adhere to each other appropriately.

Similarly, sealants cannot be applied as effectively when the temperature has dropped. Nevertheless, if you live someplace with a mild climate, winter can be a good time for you to replace your roof since it will not be as dangerous for the workers and the materials. And tools used in the process will function better. Since winters are known as an “off-season,” you may end up paying less for the project or even get to pick your schedule.

How about spring?

Spring is an excellent time for homeowners to get their roof replaced or repaired. Of course, if your home’s roofing system is already in good shape, it is not likely that you would want to get it replaced. After all, there are not many homeowners who can simply afford to replace their existing roof because they are bored with it and want to change this style or color of their house.

Suppose your roofing system already has some damage or signs of deterioration, and you, as a homeowner, are considering getting those problems taken care of. In that case, you need to get it done sooner rather than later. The winter season can take a significant toll on your roofing system so heavy that winters can turn a roof repair into an entire roof replacement project.

Summer season

Again, it would help if you kept in mind that your home’s climate – especially the average temperature of summer – will play a crucial role in deciding whether you should hire a roof replacement service or not.

Before the weather gets scorching during the early weeks of summer, almost all roofing companies are usually hectic.

Remember that the temperature will be a lot hotter up on your roof than down in the yard. Dark-colored roofing materials can also hold and reflect a considerable amount of heat. This will make a roof replacement project a pretty unpleasant working experience.

Just like cold temperature can end up wreaking havoc on your roof shingles and other materials, so can rising mercury. Shingles tend to get softer with heat, making them much more liable to incur damage during the installation process, which makes them less durable.

Fall is the perfect season to get your roof replaced

This leaves autumn, which in fact, is the best season for you to hire a professional roofing contractor to get all your important roofing repairs or even an entire replacement done. Since the overall temperature is more moderate during the fall, it provides you with various benefits:

Professional roofers can work for an extended time without risking exhaustion from heat or any shoddy work due to freezing fingers due to cold.

Mild weather also means that all the materials and tools are much easier to work with. Shingles can be adequately sealed before the winter arrives.

This helps you keep your home and your loved ones protected from various elements. No matter how strong the wind blows or the snow falls, your roof will keep you safe.

However, there is one downside of hiring a professional roofer for roof replacement or repairs in the autumn: contractors may be busy during this time of the year. Many roofing companies are fully booked in advance. They may charge you a premium to get the job done.


This blog ought to give you a general idea of why some seasons are better than others when it comes to a roof replacement or roof repair project. The climate, the tools and materials being used, and the difficulty of your task are just a few factors that play a significant role in deciding what season is best for you.

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