What questions should you ask when getting a new roof? 

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Selecting a roofing company for perfect roof installation is as important as using suitable quality materials for the job. When choosing the perfect company for the job, most homeowners get confused when deciding who’s the best for the project.

We will discuss a few questions that every homeowner should ask before hiring a professional roofing company in today’s blog. We will also give you insight into what you can expect to hear from the contractor worth considering for such a critical task.

Given below are a few general questions, you should always ask a roofing contractor and their appropriate answers.


How long has the roofing company been in business?

Every homeowner should hire a roofing company that has “seen it all.” A company needs to have all the relevant experience required to get the job done correctly.

The company needs to have been in the business for at least ten years. This helps in giving them enough credibility to gain your trust. Roofing is not something that you often do, so make sure you go with a professional that knows how to do it right.

Is your company licensed? If so, can I have a copy?

Many states in the US require roofing contractors to have a license issued by the state agency. Even though Texas does not require a license for roofing contractors, it’s always better if they have one.

Having a proper license and documentation shows you that the company has all the necessary information and training to get the job done safely.

Does the company have worker’s compensation and liability insurance?

A building company must have insurance. Roofing is a difficult job, and compensation insurance helps cover the employees if they get hurt or injured while doing the job.

Without it, there is a possibility that an injured worker would sue the homeowner to cover their lost wages, medical bills, and other such damages.

Similarly, liability insurance will help you cover any damages done to your property or your home by the roofing company since some homeowner’s insurance policies will not pay in such cases.

What is the address of your business?

If in case your chosen contractor gives you only his PO Box or if he’s living in a van, the chances are that the company is not legitimate. However, working out of a home or a garage shouldn’t deter you from considering a roofing company. Some businesses do this intentionally to reduce overhead to keep prices to homeowners competitive.

It is worth driving to the companies address and see if the premises are well-kept. A particular contractor with detail and neatness is more likely to do a better job on a roofing project.

What steps will you take to protect the property?

If the roof is being torn off, your contractor should make sure that it is deposited into tarps and later into a dumpster. A professional also needs to cover gutters, decks, bushes, and patios for protection.

Is there any way I can visit a current work site to see your crew in action?

The obvious answer should be “of course you can,” and immediately an address should be provided. When you reach the site, you need to ensure that the crew is conducting itself in a proper, orderly manner.

Notice if they are careful when it comes to disposing of previous roofing materials without damaging the property. It’s not necessary that the contractor may have received permission from the homeowner to give their project as a reference, so you shouldn’t knock on the door and start asking questions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You must ask what forms of payment the company accepts. Moreover, you also need to inquire if any deposits are necessary. You shouldn’t pay a deposit if it is more than 10% of the total estimate or if it has to be paid after the materials arrive at the worksite.

How long will it take to get the job done?

A professional roofing contractor will not only give you a timeline for the completion of their project but will also make sure to outline his policy for weather-related delays. Try to determine if the contractor is set on starting any other jobs before your project is completed.

What happens after completion?

A professional roofing company should agree to take care of all the wood remnants, shingle pieces, and other debris forms before they wind up. This is also the part of the job you’re paying them for.

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