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Different Types of Roofing Materials 

Roofing materials

Your home protects you and all of your loved ones, so it’s just as important that you choose the right roofing material for your home. However, with so many different options to choose from, how do you know which material is best for your home?

Wood roofing

Wood roofing is a beautiful roofing material that can give your home a unique look. It adds charm and makes your home stand out among others.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to wood roofing. The disadvantage of wood roofing is that wood is vulnerable to moisture absorption, so if the wood shingles don’t dry out properly after a rainstorm, the roofing will be susceptible to rotting and mold growth.

Wood roofing requires the most maintenance out of all the roofing materials available. They need to be constantly treated and monitored to avoid mold growth. That being said, keeping your wood roofing well-maintained should guarantee it lasting at least 30 years.

What’s the difference between a wood shake and a wood shingle?

Wood shakes are split along the natural grain of wood rather than sawing, which means that wood shakes are slightly better at preventing issues with moisture. Wood shakes are thicker than wood shingles, so they have a bolder look. If you prefer a more chic appearance, wood shingles are the material for you. However, if you want to give your home a bold look, opt for wood shakes.

The most popular wood types for roofing are cedar and redwood. Cedar is durable and can withstand the forces of nature best, while redwood is the most appealing in terms of looks. Regardless of which wood type you choose, proper maintenance should mean wood roofing that lasts between 30 and 40 years.

Metal roofing

You can find metal roofing as both panels and shingles. Metal roofing, like wood roofing, is unique and isn’t found on many homes across the U.S.. An advantage of metal roofing is that it can last up to 75 years. Even at the very least, metal roofing lasts around 40 years.types of roofing materials Dallas

There aren’t many disadvantages to metal roofing. However, one downside is that metal roofing can be quite loud, especially during heavy thunderstorms and hailstorms. Another disadvantage of metal roofing is that it’s prone to denting caused by large hailstones. Thankfully, the Dallas area doesn’t experience hailstorms that severe, so you won’t have to constantly worry about hail damage occurring.

Slate roofing

Slate roofing is considered to be one of the best roofing materials. However, it’s also one of the most expensive — about $600 per square foot to be exact. However, it’s worth the price if you can afford it, as slate roofing can last up to 100 years. Slate roofing is a great option in terms of both durability and appearance.

Slate roofing is most commonly found in neautral and faded colors, such as gray, beige, and white. If you love the look of slate but can’t afford it, there are plenty of slate look-alikes available at more reasonable prices.

Asphalt roofing

Asphalt roofing is the most common type of roofing used on homes across the U.S.. While it doesn’t look particularly unique, it’s affordable and relatively durable. Due to its reasonable pricing and durability, asphalt roofing is popular with many homeowners in the United States and is considered the standard.

In conclusion

  • Slate, while the most expensive roofing material, is also the most durable and unique.
  • Metal roofing is durable and unique as well, however, it’s best for homeowners who don’t mind the noise during hailstorms.
  • Wood shake roofing tends to last longer than wood shingles due to their composition and how they were cut.
  • Wood shingles are quite charming, but are also susceptible to mold growth and rotting.
  • Asphalt is the default for residential roofing.

The last roofing option

There’s one roofing option we’ve yet to discuss, as it isn’t common found on North Texas homes. This roofing material is clay. Clay roofing is unique in that it can last between 50-100 years. However, it’s extremely important (as it is with all roofing materials), that clay roofing is installed by an experienced professional. Unlike most other roofing materials, clay roofing cannot be installed over a homeowner’s old roofing. The reason for this is that clay roofing is significantly heavier than other roofing materials.

However, clay roofing is durable ad visually appealing. It will give your home unique charm and will last for many years to come.

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