Roofing tips

Whether you’re working on your roofing by yourself or relying on the help of a professional, it’s always a good idea to know the basics of roofing. That way, even if you’re not the one working on your roofing, you’ll be able to better communicate with the roofing contractor who is. Here are some of the basics of roofing:

Different LayersThe basics of Roofing

Here are the different roofing layers in order:

Roof deck –Typically made of plywood and supports the rest of the roofing.

Ventilation – Allows for air flow to prevent mold growth, as well as to prevent heat from gathering unnecessarily.

Eave Protection – Eaves are the horizontal edges of a roof. They tend to be covered by aluminum strips for protection. They are meant to direct runoff water away from the roofing.

Flashing – This material is meant specifically so that runoff water flows in the opposite direction from the roofing.

Underlayment – This is a felt layer that protects the lower layers of roofing from unwanted weather damage.

Shingles – The top layer of roofing that is also the hardest layer. Protects the other layers from moisture, wind and hail.

Different types of shingles

Asphalt – The most commonly installed roofing material. It’s affordable and provides value for its price, hence its popularity in homes across the U.S.

Wood Shake – Lasts approximately 25-35 years. It’s a more unique roofing option as it gives homes a modern yet rustic look. However, it is susceptible to moisture damage and mold growth over time, so it should only be installed on homes that can dry off properly by the sun.

Slate – One of the most expensive roofing options available on the market. However, its price is well-justified, because its average lifetime is over 100 years!

Metal Metal roofing shingles last about 50 years. They give your home a unique look and aren’t extremely expensive either. They’re a great option if you want a nice-looking roofing without breaking the bank.

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