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Cost of replacing roofing

Replacing your home’s roofing

While roofing materials tend to last for quite a long time. However, after some time (typically between 15-20 years) after the roofing has been installed, it probably needs to be replaced. Here is some information that can help you in making your decision about replacing your Dallas home’s roofing:

How much does it cost to replace roofing?Rood Replacement Cost Dallas

When it comes to the cost of replacing a roof, here are some things you should consider:

Size– You can probably guess that a larger roof will cost more to replace. Roofing is measured by roofing squares, which are 10ft x 10ft. The more roofing squares that make up a roof, the higher the cost of replacing it.

Pitch– The pitch of a roof is essential its slope. Since more steep roofs are more difficult to install on, they tend to cost more to replace. Replacing roofing that has a steeper slope will cost more than a roof that is flat.

Material– Materials have a huge impact on the cost of replacing your roofing. If you choose to replace your roofing with an inexpensive material, it won’t cost you as much as if you choose a more expensive material.

Removal– Most roofing materials can be installed on top of the previous roofing. The exception to this is if you select a roofing material that is heavy, such as clay tiles. If this case, you’ll have to have your old roofing removed first. This can cost between $100-150 per roofing square.

Accessibility– Similar to pitch, the accessibility of a roof also has an impact on the cost of replacing the roofing. If a roof is harder to access, it will cost more to replace.

The point is that the cost of replacing roofing depends on many factors so, in order to know exactly how much it would cost to replace your home’s roofing, you’d have to get an estimate from a roofing company.

Hiring a reputable contractor

Hiring the right roofing contractor for the job is perhaps the most important part of having your roofing replaced. Here are some ways to make sure that the roofing contractor you hire is reliable:

Make sure they are licensed

A roofing contractor having the necessary license shows that they have undergone the necessary training and are qualified to handle roofing replacement projects. They have the knowledge and experience to get the job done properly.

Check reviews

Reviews aren’t the only thing that will help you find a reliable roofing contractor, but they give you a great idea of how a roofing company is doing. If most customers have been giving a roofing company good reviews, it shows that the contractor knows what they are doing and that they have a happy customer base.

Ask for references of previous work

If you want to see some examples of the contractor’s past work, you can always ask for references. They will probably give you some phone numbers of previous clients and photos of the work they’ve completed as well.

Cost of replacing an asphalt roof

Asphalt roofing is one of the less expensive roofing materials and can cost between $3,000-7,000 to replace.

Asphalt roofing, while not the longest lasting roofing material, it is the most affordable and provides homeowners with value, as they’re getting what they paid for. Asphalt roofing is used commonly across the U.S. and lasts about 10 years.

Cost of replacing a wood roof

Wooden roofing costs a bit more than asphalt shingles, but it also has a more unique look than asphalt shingles. Generally speaking, wood roofing costs about $3.50-9.00 per square foot.

Wood roofing lasts about 30 years, which is longer than asphalt roofing. However, wooden roofing requires more maintenance than asphalt roofing.

Cost of replacing a metal roof

Metal roofing costs more than both asphalt and wood roofing, costing around $600 – $1,600 per roofing square). While metal roofing is more expensive than the other roofing options, it also lasts between 50-75 years. Metal roofing resists hail and storms well. Plus, metal reflects heat, so your energy bills will also end up being lower.

Cost of replacing a tile roofstone coated steel roof shingles

Tile roofing costs arounf $6.00 – $35.00 per square foot. Additionally, you’ll probably have to pay for the removal of your old roofing, since tile roofing is quite heavy and shouldn’t be installed over old roofing.

Generally speaking, tile roofing lasts about 50 years before needing replacement. Tile roofing is quite resilient and can withstand the Texas heat, so it’s a great roofing option for those who can afford it!

Cost of replacing a slate roof

Slate is, perhaps, the best roofing option. It’s durable and can withstand almost anything. However, since it’s the best roofing material, it also costs quite a bit. Slate roofing costs around $1,000 – $4,000 per square foot. Just like tile roofing, slate roofing should only be installed by experienced professionals.

Slate roofing typically lasts around 75-100 years. Slate is an amazing roofing material, it’s just a matter of whether or not it fits in a homeowner’s budget.

Location matters

Location can also affect the cost of having your home remodeled. An area that experiences frequent rain and storms will probably have a higher roof replacement cost since it will be more difficult for roofers to install the material. 911 Exteriors Roofing & Fence provides excellent, affordable roof replacement services to meet any Dallas homeowner’s needs!

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