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If you are someone who has recently encountered a crack in your foundation or a leaking ceiling, you may want to consider getting your roof repaired ASAP. 

With numerous years of expertise in diagnosing and repairing roof leaks, experienced roofing repair specialists from 911 Exteriors offer all homeowners living in Irving, Texas, high-quality roof repair services.


We provide professional roof repair services for both residential and commercial buildings that come with an assurance of quality workmanship. With high-end technology, our roofing repair experts use professional instruments to detect the root cause of your problem and then make all the necessary repairs.

You are going to be delighted to find out that the repair cost is also pretty reasonable. In addition, our specialists will ensure that the job is done within the given time so that you do not have to bother about the same issue again in the near future.

When you allow moisture to collect underneath your roof cover, it can cause structural damage with time. Some common signs of a roof leak include ceiling leaks, leaking wood, rotting roof shingles, and peeling paint.

These problems can also result in the rotting of your wooden framing. As the wood ages, you will notice mold beginning to form and mildew growth, which will weaken the entire beam. This is why you must make all the required roof repairs before you have to take care of any significant damage to your home.

Causes of a leak

Roof leaks have now become a common problem amongst homeowners over the past years. Unfortunately, it can get tedious and difficult for an average homeowner to pinpoint the exact cause of their roof leak.

Nevertheless, once you completely understand what the cause of your problem is, you can start looking for the most suitable way to prevent any further damage.

It is an excellent idea for you to hire a professional roofing company like 911 Exteriors that can help inspect your roof. They will determine the root cause of your problem and implement all the necessary repairs to give you a fully functioning roof without much effort.

Some common causes of a roof leak include

Excess moisture:

A common cause of roof leaks is too much moisture on the roof. Many homeowners like to use dehumidifiers on their home’s roofing system to help keep their homes dry. 

The dehumidifiers help by keeping air close to the surface to evaporate easily and quickly, keeping overall moisture levels in check. 

Even though a dehumidifier works perfectly, you should not leave it near an open window or areas that are more prone to condensation.

Waterproofing leaks:

Leaks are often caused when water accumulates underneath the roofing system and seeps in from the sides. 

A few common reasons for this condition include leaks in pipes, gutters, and other types of roofing water drainage structures. 

Dirt Buildup:

Another common reason why you may have a roof leak is the excessive buildup of grime, dirt, or mud on your roof. This may cause your drainage to block, which in time may result in a leak.

Broken or cracked shingles:

If your roofing system has a few broken or cracked shingles, it will create a gap between your roof and the rafters. If the gap is substantial enough, water can pool underneath your roofing shingles and develop a leak. 

Why is it critical to get your roof leak repaired?

Whenever you notice a leak on your home’s roof, you need to ensure that it is addressed as soon as possible. By calling a professional roofer from 911 Exteriors, you will be able to get faster results and protect your property from any more damage. 

When you contact a team of experts from 911 Exteriors, they will be able to get to your location and figure out what has to be done about your problem and provide you with numerous roofing options if your roofing system is beyond repair. 

No matter how substantial or small your issue is, you will not be wasting any time trying to figure out the problem all by yourself by contacting experts. 

Attend to all roofing issues on time

If you ignore a minor issue now, it will cause a lot of damage to your property later. Even a minor problem can escalate to a significant one if given enough time. This is why you need to get your roof repaired as soon as you notice an issue. 

Keep in mind that you should never attempt to repair a roof leak on your own unless you have any previous experience.

A professional from the 911 Exteriors can assess and resolve all types of roof-related problems because they are professionally trained and experienced. Professionals also have access to the required equipment to solve the issue without causing any further damage safely. 

Save time and energy.

One of the primary reasons you need to hire a professional is that they will be able to save you a lot of time and effort. 

Roofing repairs tend to take up a lot of time – from identifying the primary source of the problem to implementing the required measures to fix the issue and prevent it from happening again.

Most homeowners do not have the necessary skills, tools, or time to handle the amount of work involved in the process. It is definitely in your interest to hire a professional to do the job for you instead. 

Get in touch with professional roofing experts in Irving today!

Whenever you have a leak in place and are not confident about what has to be done, you need to consider calling professional roofing contractors from 911 Exteriors to come to take a look at your roof.  They will help you determine the source of the leak, provide the required repairs, and even advise you if your roofing system needs to be replaced entirely. 

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