Residential Roofing Repair

911 Exteriors Roof Repair Services are here when you need us. If you live in the Dallas or Fort Worth Metro areas and you are having issues with a leak or damaged roofing, call us at (972) 243- 6700.

Roof damage can be caused by many different things: storm damage, tree damage from falling limbs, old worn-out shingles, cracked and sun-damaged shingles…the list goes on and on.

Flashing is found near any roof penetration area such as chimneys, walls, and valley areas where roof angles join together. During a roof repair, it is necessary to look for any other roof damage that could lead to additional problems. If leaks are not addressed, the structure of your home may be weakened as the building frame continues to be exposed to the elements.

In addition, the poor installation of roof shingles, which are sometimes nailed incorrectly, may need to be addressed. If roof shingles are missing, these will need to be replaced also.

Clogged gutters could also be a cause of roofing problems. Water may overflow the back of the gutter and leak along the walls and inside of the home. In addition, flue pipes inside of a chimney can cause water to leak if they are not properly aligned.

Residential Roofing Products