Can you put a new roof on top of an old roof?

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Installing a new roof is a sizable investment and homeowners need to be sure that they are using their money wisely. After a careful checking of the roof’s condition, if you think that this time only the repairs would not fix the substantial damage, it calls for a roof replacement.

Reroofing is the type of roof replacement which places a new roof on top of an old one.

It is a fact that your roof would also need a revamp after a few years because of installation, roofing materials used and the periodic maintenance services that you been doing. Putting a new roof over an old one is an idea that works well. But before that, how about knowing a bit more about this kind of roof replacement?

Reroofing is the best option when your roof has no problem with its foundational structure, but has become old, and is practically losing its function. It is also considered as a good option as it is cost-effective and less time-consuming. Just go for a professional roofing company, and your project is best taken care of.

Whether you are planning to replace your roof or make certain repairs to your existing one, these tips would help you to understand the benefits of reroofing.

Want to stop leaking even with a strong foundational structure?can you put a new roof on top of an old roof

Placing a new roof on top of an old roof is an excellent choice when your roof has started to fail, but the overall condition is good. So, what does it even mean to have a roof falling yet is in a pretty good state? It only states that the roof might have reached the near end of its lifespan, but the structure of its foundation and sheathing is still in good condition. Your shingles might be losing out on the granules and are all tattered mainly due to age or weather, but won’t cause any leak, neither are they curling or missing. All these facts are suggestive of the idea that the placing of another layer above the shingles won’t be much of a problem.

Want to renovate the roof?

Even if your roof is in perfect shape, replacing it by placing a new one can be still considered as an option. Simply because you want to change the look of your roof. That can be anything. Let’s say you want specific changes regarding the design, color, or even a complete renovation so that the roof matches the new style of your home. But even if you don’t want a revamp of your roof, it would bring in a new aesthetic meaning. Installation of this new shingle layer would ensure that your roof has the depth it requires, in addition to a three-dimensional appearance, as it is already a bit raised due to the presence of the layer of shingles beneath it.

Want to get more protection?

Putting an additional layer of shingles over your roof means you are adding one more layer of protection. This is a great idea since this layer would join the already present combination of the underlayment, roof deck, and the layer of shingles that was previously present. Thus, a perfect combination for your protection against damages. This also protects and prevents the leaks from entering your house. Let’s just consider that this added layer is an upgrade, or even a revamp of your roof, which is now fully secured and speaks of a step further in your preparation against leak protection.

Want to save money and time?

Finally comes the financial aspect of roof replacement. It is undoubtedly one of the cheapest yet a complete form of roof replacement. The primary reason behind this remains that the need to tear off the old roof completely is gone. This is because of the presence of the existing shingles and the foundational structures. Thus, this means that the time and labor required for the project would be comparatively less. All this finally amounts to the lessening of the cost. An experienced and licensed roofer can immediately start working on placing the new roof.

Now, you might be done with roof replacement procedure. However, the next part states the proper maintenance of the roof no matter what. This starts from the careful search of a professional roofer to the selection of a proper roof for placing above. In addition, you also need to ensure a systematic checking of your roofing conditions to make sure that they always look new. In case the extreme weather conditions are approaching, make sure to hire a professional and make the necessary preparations to combat the extremities, especially during the winter and the stormy seasons.

Making proper use of the above strategies would keep your roof in good condition throughout the year, thus restricting the damages and preventing the unnecessary problems.

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