What is included in a roof replacement?

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Your home is an important investment and the roof is one of the most important components of your home. So, you will always want it to be in good shape or condition. And if you have been in your home for long, or have bought an existing home, sooner or later, you will need your roof to be replaced. The roof replacement process is made much simpler if you know about what is included in it and what your expectations are. You will be in a better position to make informed decisions, choices, ask relevant questions and end up getting a strong durable roof for your home.

Benefits of a timely roof replacementWhat is included in a roof replacement

A robust and well-maintained roof protects you and your family members. It also protects your home’s interiors including the heating and cooling system, windows and doors, flooring, walls, furniture, electronic items, art and decor items. Any ongoing roofing problem due to wear and tear can cause damage. It will increase the cost of replacing the roof. Along with that, securing your home against storm damage, water leaks, mold or any other damage will give you peace of mind. A new roof will increase curb appeal and increase its value in the market. You will easily get potential buyers for your home as they will know roof replacement is not required in the near future. Here are the main things you need to know while working with a leading roofing contractor in Dallas, TX on your roof replacement project. Planning and executing the project will consist of various steps. Find below what will be included in the project.

Look for a qualified roofing contractor in Dallas

Before agreeing to work with any roofing contractor, you should authenticate the contractor’s credentials. Make sure you work with a licensed and insured contractor. Along with that, you should check for the Better Business Bureau records for comments, complaints, reviews and legal actions. You should also visit their website to check their testimonials. You should also not miss to check their online reviews.

Discuss your requirements and get an estimate from at least 4 to 5 roofing experts

You should discuss your requirements with at least 4 to 5 roofing companies and get a quote from them. They will inspect your existing roof, take measurements and evaluate any noticeable damage. They will provide you an estimate that will include the details of all the estimated charges, images of the problems, time in which the project will be completed, and any other detail relevant to your project. You should also ask for any additional charges that may incur while the project is underway.

Protection of your property

The first job of the roofing company is to ensure that your roofing company is fully protected while the roof replacing project is underway. This job will include paying heed to the walls, plants, etc.

Tearing off the old, curled, cracked and worn shingles

Looking at the shingles, you can easily tell about the roof’s overall condition. Cracked or worn out shingles may identify a need for a roof replacement. So, the experts will tear off the old shingles. In some situations, they may place a new coating of shingles over the existing ones.

What is included in a roof replacementInspection

Next, the roofer will conduct a thorough inspection of the wood decking. You should replace any decayed, damaged or soft wood for developing a robust base for your roofing structure. It is important a solid base is required to keep the shingles in place. They will also check the wood sheeting to make sure it is attached to the roof rafters in a proper way.

Roof surface preparation for the shingles

Once the wood decking is prepared, it is time to prepare the roof surface for shingles. This phase will include three things, drip edge installation, ice and water shield installation, and roofing felt installation. Drip edge prevents rain from getting beneath the roofing materials on all corners. After that they will install an ice and water shield and roofing felt. The shield will prevent water leaks and the roof felt obstructs shingles from sticking the wood.

New roof installation

The next step is the new roof installation as the base is ready for the new roof installation. The roofing expert will start laying the new roofing material. You can take help of your roofing contractor to decide which roofing material will be ideal for you.

Site cleanup

A professional roofing contractor in Dallas, TX will ensure they cleanup the site on a routine basis. They believe in keeping everything organized and clutter-free.

Closing inspection

Every roof replacement project includes a thoroughly performed concluding roofing inspection. The roofing company you are working with will finally check whether everything has been done correctly or not, and that it meets your expectations or not.

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