How will I know when it is time to repair my roof?

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How do I know when my roofing needs repairs?

While roofing is quite sturdy and keeps us protected from the outdoors, they are still vulnerable to damage at some point and are in need of repairs. Here are some of the reasons your roofing might need repairs:

Age of your roofhow will I know when it is time to repair my roof

Generally speaking, most roofing options last between 20 and 25 years. So, if your roofing is approaching that age range, you might want to look into having your roofing replaced. Another way to tell when you should replace your roofing is when your neighbors who have roofing as old as yours begin replacing their roofing.

Curled shingles

If you notice that your roofing shingles are curling and losing granules, you might want to have your roofing repaired or replaced. There are two main types of curling shingles: cupping, in which shingles turn upward at the edges and clawing, in which the edges are okay, but the center begins to bulge outward. These curled shingles mean that they have been damaged and need to be replaced.

Missing shingles

It’s also important to make sure that all of your roof’s shingles are properly intact. Particularly after severe storms and heavy winds, roofing shingles often loosen up and lose granules.

Shingle granules in the gutter

Roofing shingles lose granules thoughout their lifespan, but when roofing is near the end of its lifetime, it will lose even more granules. When roofing starts to lose a significant amount of granules and they begin gathering inside the gutter, you’ll need to have your roofing replaced.

Cracking shingles

There are many reasons why roofing shingles can begin to crack. These reasons include wind damaged, which can be resolved by simply replacing damaged shingles. On the other hand, shingles that have cracked due to old age indicates the need for roofing replacement.

Sunlight entering through ceiling

It might be light entering your home at first, but soon enough, it’ll be rain, wind and snow! Periodically check for water stains and damage in order to avoid serious damage and the need for roofing replacement.

Entire roof starts sagging

When your entire roof begins to sag, you’ll know that your roofing is in need of some serious help. A sagging roof trypically indicates serious damage and the need for roofing replacement.

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