How long does it take to install a new roof?

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If you are a Dallas, TX, homeowner who’s planning on getting a new roof installed, one of the initial questions that come to mind is how long it will take to get it installed.

A roof replacement project can be inconvenient and loud, and as an owner, you probably want to find out how long you and your family need to stay outside the house or even how long you should expect professionals to be walking on your roof.

Unfortunately, all different roofing projects vary, which means that there is no exact time we can tell you. What our team of professional roofing experts from 911 Exteriors can say to you is:


If you have a small residential home that has a moderately pitched roof, then it is possible that your roof replacement project can wrap-up in one full day. This is after barring all-weather complications that may occur and assuming that your roofing materials are dropped off before our crew reaches your home.

When we get into a new roof installation project, our professionals will first have to take your existing roof off and make sure that there is no damage to your sub roofing before putting on your new shingles – whether composition or impact-resistant.


If you have some damage on your sub roofing, you will need additional materials, more time for completion, and extra effort to get the job done.

So even though it is possible to reroof your home in a single day, you need to understand that complications may arise that will extend the total amount of work that has to be put into the project.


Even though we love classic style homes like Colonials, Cape Cords, and A-frames, a roof that has an extreme height and a steep pitch means that it will be a little more complicated to replace.

The steeper your home’s roof is, and the higher up it goes, the longer you should expect until the project completes.

Since here at 911 Exteriors, we put a priority on our worker’s safety, and because our team wants to make sure that you end up with the best results possible, you should know that if your home has a steep and tall roof, your roof replacement may take two days to a week to complete.

This is because our roofers will need more materials and have to move with precautions to remain safe. They will also require some additional equipment to stay safe while getting the job done.


The older your roof is, the longer it will take for us to replace it correctly. This is why you must perform regular roof maintenance and get it replaced before you start noticing signs of a leak.

Too many homeowners like to assume that their roof is perfectly fine until there is an obvious problem. This can lead to a much longer and expensive roof replacement project once you start to get around it.

If you decide to get your roof replaced after you start to see signs of a leak inside your house, there is a good chance that your sub roofing and possibly your home’s attic has been damaged by water. And no homeowner should get their new roof installed on top of damaged supports.

If you choose to wait too long to get your roof replaced, you should expect a much longer roof replacement time since professional roofers will first have to fix your supports, sub roofing, and then finally put your new roof on.

This is why we suggest that it is a better idea to get your roof inspected regularly and have your roof replaced as soon as you see signs of any severe water damage.


Last but not least, when we talk about giving you an estimate on how long it should take to install your new roof, you need to remember that there is no predicting the weather.

Ideal roofing conditions are dry and warm, but we all know that the weather does not always cooperate.

While our professional roofing experts will do their best to work through different types of weather conditions to finish your roofing project as soon as possible, they can only get it done as long as they are safe.

If it gets too dangerous for our crew to remain on top of your home’s roof, they will have to pause until the weather clears up. Even though poor weather conditions may mean that your roofing project will take longer to complete, you don’t have to stress about the security and safety of your roof.

Our roofing crew will ensure that your home’s roof is covered in plenty of tarps and is well secured against water and wind while they wait for the weather to get clear.


The time it will take to get your new roof installed depends on a number of factors: the pitch of your roof, the size of your home, the condition of your old roof, and the weather conditions.

An experienced professional roof repair and replacement company like 911 Exteriors will work in order to make sure that you get the best results in the shortest time frame.

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