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As the initial line of defense against various elements and forces of nature, you must keep your roofing system in good shape throughout the year. Nevertheless, there may be times when high winds and strong downpours will take a toll on your home’s roofing system, even if you give it regular maintenance that is needed to maintain its health.

Once a hailstorm hits your area and inflicts severe damage to your roofing system, you need to ensure that it does not cause any further harm to your roofing system and your property. 

911 Exteriors, your reliable roofing experts from Irving, TX, are here to explain how you, as an average homeowner, can identify if your roofing system requires any emergency repairs and what should you expect in the process:

Determining the overall extent of damage

Emergency Roof Repair Dallas

A heavy storm can easily tear off a tree’s limb, which can penetrate through your roofing system. It can also blow off your roof shingles, leaving your home exposed to various elements. 

Any damage to your roofing system can result in water infiltration, so you need to make sure to note all the issues you see from the ground.

Seek help from a dependable roofer

To keep your property safe and prevent any further damage, you need to contact a certified roofing contractor as soon as possible. When you hire a professional roofer from 911 Exteriors, they will cover your roof’s damage portion temporarily and wait for the weather to clear up so that they can assess the damage. 

Our team will also determine if you need a roof replacement or a repair depending on what suits your situation the best while assisting you with insurance claims.

In an emergency like this, make sure that you do not hire a storm chaser. These are usually dealers who visit each home after a severe storm and offer to fix your roofing system at an affordable price. 

Nevertheless, if you choose to hire one, by the time you realize there is an issue, they will already be gone and cannot be held accountable anymore.

With that being said, you, as a homeowner, need to screen your potential roofing experts carefully before hiring them for a job.

You, as a homeowner, may take your roofing system for granted unless a severe problem threatens the overall security and preservation of their property. 

But it would help if you stay aware of the following conditions, forcing you to call for a roofing contractor right away. 

Interior water damage

If you notice signs of water damage inside your Dallas/Forth Worth home, whether it is your ceiling, walls, or attic, you need to get in touch with 911 Exteriors right away. 

We have seen a lot of cases where internal water damage is caused as a result of a breakdown in a roofing system.

The longer you choose to wait and not address this issue, the more expensive your repairs are going to be as the plaster and drywall disintegrate, and mold growth starts to set in.

A large branch or tree fell on your roof

Even though this may sometimes be obvious, if a large branch or a tree falls on your home’s roof, you need to get in touch with professional roofing experts immediately. 

Some homeowners realize that a limb has fallen on their roofing system but still chooses to ignore it just because the damage may not be evident. They believe that if there are no signs of damage, there is no need to take action since it does not seem pressing. 

Nevertheless, it is always better for you to be safe. A fallen branch may lose a few shingles on your roof, which may allow water and moisture to seep inside your home.

An experienced contractor from 911 Exteriors knows exactly how to handle emergency roof repairs and will map out a plan for removing all the debris from your roof immediately. 

We will also cover your roof exposed decking so that your home remains safe and dry while we make the repairs. Our solutions are not just going to be swift but also permanent.

Black mold in the attic

You need to check your attic for any leaks periodically. If your attic is constantly exposed to moisture, the growth of mildew and mold is unavoidable. When your attic starts to develop black mold, it poses a much more serious threat to you and all other members of your family. 

You may start to notice some allergic symptoms, which include congestion, eye irritation, and coughing. Your loved ones may also start to develop severe respiratory infections as a result of black mold.

You need to call for an emergency roof repair as soon as you spot the growth of mold in your attic or anywhere near your home’s roofing system. 

By assessing your ventilation system and testing your home’s air quality, our experts from 911 Exteriors will be able to figure out the best course of action to solve this issue. We will make sure to rip out and replace all the affected roofing materials in no time.

Damaged shingles

If your roof shingles get damaged due to harsh weather conditions, you may notice a few telltale signs such as curling or buckling. These are a definite indication which means that you need to get your shingles replaced.

You can also check for shingle granules in your roof’s gutter. This will tell you if your shingles are too old.

Get in touch with 911 Exteriors today!

You must have your roofing system inspected on a regular basis. If you live in Irving, Texas, and are hoping to get your roof repaired, then you need to get in touch with a team of professional roofing experts from 911 Exteriors today.  In addition to Irving, we also serve the surrounding areas of Frisco, Plano, Allen, Garland, Richardson, Dallas, Forth Worth, Carrollton, Coppell, Addison, Arlington, Colleyville, Bedford, Euless and Valley Ranch.

We offer exceptional workmanship and service to all homeowners living in the area. Give us a call at 972-243-6700 or contact us online, and we will offer you a free inspection. 

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