Specialty Roofing

Specialty roofing is all about the materials used in manufacturing. Each specialty product has distinct features to achieve an overall look. Also, each product may have specific features as well. Because,  homeowners want a specific look but don’t always want the negatives with some materials.

For instance, the look of a rugged wood shake may be desirable. But, wood shingles cause dangers, such as fire. With specialty roofing products, a homeowner can attain the desired look and still have the protection of fire-resistant shingles.

There are many different specialty roofing products available today. Many deal with energy efficiency. Also, there are quite a few that are specific to the look of the home. Each product should be researched to ensure the homeowner selects the proper material for their specific area. Texas has extreme weather conditions that make selecting the proper material important.

Types of Specialty Roofing

  • Impact resistant
  • Heat resistant / energy efficient
  • Specialty aesthetics
  • Going green

The look of a home is distinctly different based on the type of materials used. The roof is one of the major factors in the overall look of the home. Every homeowner will have different opinions as to what looks the best. That is why there are so many available products on the market. And, each products has pros and cons to be considered. Price may be a major factor when selecting roofing materials.

It is important to note, the cost of replacing an existing roof may be covered by insurance. However, it is very rare that a policy covers upgrading the materials of the roof. This means, if the existing roof uses a specific type of material, an upgraded material may cost the homeowner extra.

911 Exteriors has decades of experience with specialty roofing materials. The professionals at 911 Exteriors can educate homeowners. This will ensure each project meets homeowner needs.

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