Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is something every homeowner will experience. Every home will need the entire roof replaced at some point. This is often due to storm damage in Texas. Hail damage or storm damage is very common in Texas. So how do you know which roofing company is best?

Choose a roofing company to replace your roof that has experience. An experienced company knows what materials to recommend. In addition, an experienced roofer knows how to deal with the insurance company.

911 Exteriors has replaced residential roofs for decades. Consider these factors when deciding on which roofing contractor to select.

Choosing a Roof Replacement Roofing Company

  1. Customer Satisfaction: 911 Exteriors is A+ Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, we also have a 5-star reputation online. Customers satisfaction is important. Select a roofing company that has an excellent reputation.
  2. Warranty: 911 Exteriors offers a limited lifetime guarantee. Not many roofers offer such a warranty on their work. Rather, they often tell homeowners the insurance company warranties the work. This is not true. 911 Exteriors offers a limited lifetime warranty. The limited lifetime warranty sets us apart from the rest. 911 Exteriors stands behind every job. Homeowners should  hire a company that offers a warranty. The warranty should be in writing.
  3. Insured: Hire a company that carries liability insurance. The customer should ask to see the certificate and coverage amounts. Many roofing companies in Texas do NOT carry insurance. Without insurance, the customer is responsible. 911 Exteriors carries insurance so that you are protected.
  4. Licensed: A roofing contractor should be licensed. Licensing indicates a company has proper credentials and experience. 911 Exteriors is licensed by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (Lic # 01-0292).

Do I need a total roof replacement?

A complete inspection is needed to make that determination. Most people are don’t know what damage looks like. The roof often looks fine. However, things like hail damage are hard to detect. Hail damage can turn into much more serious issues if not repaired. Small leaks or damage can result in water damage and other problems. We know what to look for and the initial inspection is free.

Will my insurance company cover all costs?

That depends. The homeowner usually incurs some out of pocket costs. For instance, a deductible is very common. Also, the homeowner will typically pay for any upgrades not covered by the policy. So how do you know what your costs will be?

We know how to work with your insurance company. If the insurance company will not pay for a full roof replacement, we will appeal on your behalf. The homeowner may need to ask for additional funds if more damage is found. Again, we talk to the homeowners insurance company. This will help the homeowner get a fair settlement.

Call 911 Exteriors today for a free inspection for a full roof replacement.